#1 Blueprint Showcase Peer-review Pod2 Interactive Learning Resource

Interaction (Showcase)

For the Interactive Learning Resource about Parallelism, our group used the asynchronous approach for this course. This was strategic as to facilitate an accessible learning environment for students from all over Canada on their own pace and availability.  One of the videos that our group suggested as a learning resource was “Parallelism: The secret toContinue reading “Interaction (Showcase)”

Peer review for Pod #9 ILR

In this post, I will be peer reviewing the Pod 9’s Interactive Learning Resource, accessible at I truly enjoyed navigating throughout this course’s website about Food Studies. The reason is because its interface allows easy navigation using the Modules’ numbers, and it is full of colors and pictures making it extremely visually-appealing, helping toContinue reading “Peer review for Pod #9 ILR”

Inclusive Learning Design

For the Canada’s National AccessAbility week, it could not be more convenient to dedicate my post to the inclusive learning design. It is unbelievable the number of people who need alternative means for learning but that are neglected all over the world. I am one of them, and I had never heard about accessible technologiesContinue reading “Inclusive Learning Design”

Inquiry-based learning for teaching EFL

For our Learning Design Blueprint project, one topic of interest was to approach “How can I become an English as a Foreign Language teacher?” as our concept. From my perspective and my own experience as an EFL student, I consider the inquiry-based learning approach one of the crucial learning elements for the success of anContinue reading “Inquiry-based learning for teaching EFL”

Learning Design Approaches

As I started reading “Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism” article, I realized that I generally use the constructivist approach when I’m teaching someone, but depending on what I am teaching, I also make use of the other two. But I wondered whether each instructor sticks to only one or another approach design. As I continued reading, IContinue reading “Learning Design Approaches”

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